Our MILITES 2016 count 25+ members with legionaries and auxillias. Our period is from Vespasianus to Hadrianus.

We enlist new members every year, and work consistently to upgrade the quality of our equipment and training. We have a fixed staff of officers consisting of Centurio, Optio, Tesserarius and Signifiarii. Our auxillary consist of both Germanic infantry and Parthian archers.


When we reenact we bring our camp of Roman tents and camp equipment. We are also able to bring Ballistarii – Roman artillery – in all sizes; from Manuballista – the Roman crossbow, the Scorpio – the Roman “heavy machine gun”  – to the 2 t. Onager and the big 1.5 t Hatra Ballista. Our milites are all well trained in Roman commands and basic Roman military drills. At the same time, they are all very good communicators, and used to lecture on their equipment and the story of the Roman army. And, we have both Greek, Italian, Spanish, Swiss and German members in our ranks. Wich means that we can intermediate in both, English, German, French, Italian and of cause, in Danish.


Kampscene 2