Of the 50+ members of COH II half are CIVILES. Women, children and men that are not military, but show the civilian Roman life. We have cooks, craftsmen, a medicus and a schoolteacher. There are also civiles that make clothes, shoes, jewelries and much more.

You can visit the Roman TAVERNA, where food and drink are prepared the way the Romans liked it 2000 years ago. You can enjoy the women's dresses, fashion and hairstyle as in the old days of the Roman Empire.

In our VICUS  - Our shop - you can buy Roman glassware, Roman coins, Roman games, leatherworks, bronzes, perls, replicas and much more.

You can meet working craftsmen doing work as it was done 2000 years ago. The bronze caster, the carpenter, the tanner, the leatherworker and of course weavers and tailors.