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Legio VI Victrix Cohors II Cimbria is a Roman Reenactment group in Scandinavia. With members from Denmark, Sweden and Germany. We reenact the life in the roman legions in the late first century, and intermediate the life in the Roman Empire and the relations to the regions north of Germania Inferior, the Cimbrian peninsula and Isles, as the romans called these regions.

Scandinavia was never a part of the Roman Empire but due to our many bog finds, where most of these are from the Roman period 0 – 350 AD, we have in Denmark, among a lot of other roman artifacts, the largest collection of antique roman weapons outside Italy in the world. 



A lot of new roman artifacts are being found. No local museum in Denmark is without roman artifacts from the Iron Age. The tribes that lived here at that time - mainly the Cimbrians, Saxons and Teutons were, from the time of Augustus and forward, appearently on friendly foot with the romans – or so the story goes, if you read the Res Gestae of Augustus, that mentions an expedition to these most northern regions in year 5 AD led by Tiberius. That is one of many reasons why, we find it proper to do Roman reenactment in Scandinavia.

For us, there is a forgotten story to be told.